Teachers across the country have successfully brought technology into classrooms to supplement learning. But this has created a boom of online tools and it can be daunting to distinguish which may be the best for your students. I asked teachers at Roosevelt High School in Los Angeles, CA about some of the tech tools they regularly use in their classrooms and we came up with a list of the six best tools to use in the classroom.

  1. Schoology is a learning management system that includes attendance, grades, schedules, and contact information.  For students, it also gives them a space to house and curate their electronic portfolios for portfolio defense presentations.  When students graduate, they can download their work into a zip file and take it with them. 
  2. Explain Everything allows students to brainstorm, take notes, create presentations, send emails, and journal for projects and class work.  Students also create audio recordings and self-evaluation videos.  This is a handy way for students to organize their work, particularly if they are involved in multiple projects.
  3. Book Creator gives students an opportunity to visually share their own stories and perspectives by creating books (including comic books).  
  4. Kahoot is a great way to review conceptual and factual information.  Teachers (or students!) create the games, and can add videos and images as well.  Students use individual devices to play.  The fun and competitive approach this game brings makes review sessions come alive.  
  5. More and more teachers are offering short films as project deliverables.  For film editing, students use iMovie to film CSI Project Crime scenes tool.  Other schools use Final Cut Pro, which is more expensive, but is a more powerful video editing tool.  
  6. Achieve 3000 supports ELA classes through differentiated cloud based instruction, tailored to each student’s Lexile level.  Students can access this platform beyond classroom and school hours, providing more time to practice for improved literacy.

Though this is not a comprehensive list, these are some of the great tools Roosevelt High School teachers are using in their classrooms. What tools are you using in your classroom? Comment below to share your experience.