After ten years of innovative practices in L.A. Unified, the 47 District Pilot Schools are showing that their autonomies and systems provide better outcomes for the students they serve. Overall, Pilot Schools have  a higher graduation rate and are sending more graduates to four-year colleges and universities than the LAUSD district average. This data comes from a recently released report, “A Decade of Innovation.”

L.A. Unified Pilot Schools are in-district elementary, middle and high schools that have autonomies in the areas of curriculum & instruction, assessment, staffing, professional learning, budget, governance, and schedule. This in-district reform has proven to pay off for students in a big way. District Pilot School graduation rates are 8 percentage points higher than the district average and Pilot School graduates’ enrollment in 4-year colleges is 7 percentage points higher than the district average.

The report, published by UCLA Center for Community Schooling, Center for Powerful Public Schools, and L.A. Unified Pilot Schools Organization also notes that Pilot Schools have a more positive school culture. L.A. Unified Pilot School student are more likely to report that they feel safe, happy, supported, and respected in comparison to traditional District schools.

report brief was released on Friday, March 16th at the LAUSD Pilot Schools 10th Anniversary Celebration. Read the full report here.