Peer Mentor Program

Over the span of four days, 80 Community Health Advocate (CHAS) students gathered in their school library to learn about the art of mentorship. Their mission: guide one to two of their peers throughout the school year to success. 

During the Peer Mentor workshops, students learned to be present, listen to others, and provide guidance without judgement. Students acted out scenarios that are all too familiar in a high school setting. From a mentee skipping class to fights between mentees, the peer mentors learned from their teacher and each other how to best deal with those tough situations.

This is the fourth year CHAS has implemented this program throughout the school. It has allowed students to keep each other accountable and engaged with their school community. 

But the program does not only benefit the mentees. The peer mentor program provides participating mentors with an in-school internship. The students leave the program with the ability to articulate the professional competencies they gained during their time as mentors.

If you are interested in learning more about our Peer Mentoring Program, please email Talma Shultz at 

Sara Maldonado

Sara Maldonado is the Communication and Social Media Specialist at Center for Powerful Public Schools. She specializes in digital communications and client relations. She has worked for a variety of educational organizations, national event firms, and international NGOs. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts from The New School and is currently pursuing a Master in Communication Management at the University of Southern California.