Picking a career after graduation is a daunting tasks but Carson High School students are ahead of the game. After taking a career assessment that took an in-depth look into their personality traits and values, Carson High School students received a list of personalized careers that could bode well for them in the future.  

From this list of careers, students were asked to pick one and investigate the career in detail. At the end of their research project, they were tasked with creating a physical project and sharing this with industry professionals and their peers.  

The career choices were diverse and ranged from fashion designer to environmental scientist. There were also students who had an interest in criminal justice and researched crime scene investigators. Other students had a more artistic vision for their future and considered screenwriting or acting.  

After sharing their presentations, they had the opportunity to speak with professionals about their careers. The Carson Fire Department, local government, and criminal justice agencies met with student groups to discuss what it takes to enter these career fields and what it’s like to work there. Students buzzed with excitement and curiosity about each of the careers. Whether this piqued an interest in a future career or solidified their reasoning for not wanting that particular career, Carson High School students are now one step closer to being prepared for college and career.