Carson High School 9th through 12th grade students recently showcased their Linked Learning projects to more than 800 middle school students from neighboring schools. From Chinese symbols to biome factors affecting oceans, these projects showed the variety of interesting topics that students study in their Linked Learning pathways.


Tenth graders in the Performing Arts and Media Academy researched and presented the effects of cultural bias in children’s media. Other students from that pathway focused on Dia De Los Muertos and presented illustrations inspired by the holiday. The journalism class created a video of what it takes to prepare, edit, and distribute Carson High School’s ‘Trailblazer’ newspaper. Each student implemented skills and knowledge they had gained from their classes and applied these to a project that truly showcased their interests and passions.

Students from the Environmental Science, Engineering and Technology Academy unveiled their handmade robots and Remotely Operated Underwater Vehicles (ROVs) used by the competitive Robotics team. They also exhibited their learning of Newton’s Second Law of Motion through their “Figgy Cars” which were built to propel by inflating a balloon through a straw.


Ninth grade advisory class students from the Global Business, Law and Government Academy presented their project titled “Difference Between Tagging and Street Art.” Projects ranged from poster boards depicting research on a topic to actual experiments such as the GBLG Biology and Forensic Science students who presented the effects of a diseased lung using real animal specimen.

Middle school students from neighboring schools enjoyed experiencing what Linked Learning high schools such as Carson have to offer. But they were not the only ones who enjoyed the presentations – Carson students themselves remarked how much they enjoyed sharing what they have learned over the past few months. Learn more about the Center’s work around Linked Learning.