In celebration of Black History Month, the Center is honoring Black excellence in education, equity, and other fields. For the month of February, a self-guided gallery walk will be displayed in the Center’s office. It includes ten outstanding examples of Black individuals who demonstrated principles of perseverance, intellect, grace and integrity.

Center staff and friends are invited to write their thoughts on each individual during the month of February.

We selected the following individuals for the gallery walk: Mary Jane Patterson, Elbert Frank Cox, Benjamin Banneker, Kelly Miller, Marva Collins, Bayard Rustin, Inez Beverly Prosser, Marsha P. Johnson, Amelia Boynton, and Hallie Quinn Brown. The gallery walk includes a small biography depicting the accomplishments of each individual and their photo. Center staff and friends have walked through and added what they have learned and their comments to each poster as a way to share the celebration.

We invite you to celebrate with the Center and stop by our office to check out the Black History Month Gallery Walk throughout the month of February.