Today is Dictionary Day. Kelly Nick, Director of Educational Services shares her favorite word.


It has been said that equity is the new coconut water. Everyone is talking about, but is anyone really drinking it? What do we mean when we say equity? According to Webster, equity is “fairness or justice in the way people are treated.” But does that mean simply providing equal opportunities for all? Is that enough to create systemic change? Do we mean that we want to guarantee equitable outcomes for all, which may require a completely different set of actions than simply providing opportunities? When do we know we’ve achieved it and for whom?

At the Center, we believe in “equity, access and choice,” for all. It’s our tagline. It’s at the core of our work. Center staff meets monthly in small groups to study and discuss issues of equity in education and in systems at large. We speak from the skin we are in and seek to understand across differences what it really means to have an equitable society. Through this work, we come to an understanding of what a truly equitable classroom can look like, one in which all people are valued and respected and provided with what they need to function optimally.

We ask the question: What would it take to create that? What biases need to be taken apart and examined in order to create systemic and meaningful change that supports all people? And then we challenge ourselves to be agents of that change.


Drink up.