Opportunity, knowledge, and experience are some of the many things I gained in my internship at Center for Powerful Public Schools. I had the opportunity to receive work experience and expand my professional network. Throughout this internship, I met different people and had the chance to experience a taste of an adult working life. From dressing professionally to managing my punctuality, working as an Internal Communications Intern taught me how to better manage my responsibilities.

At my internship, I overcame many obstacles. At times I struggled because the work was so new to me. But although I am so new to everything, I was able to manage every task and challenge that was thrown at me. The change of character when you are with a new set of people in a working environment brought the best of me and I really like the person this internship made me.

I have realized that I actually have better conversations with adults than with kids around my age. I can truly say that I have become a more mature, confident, responsible adult. I built up so much confidence in myself that I carry myself in a more positive way than ever before. I am so proud of myself and of what I have accomplished at the Center this summer.

Not only did this internship create memories but it also gave me more skills and work experience that I need for my future when applying to jobs and starting my career.

One of the major components I loved about this internship is that it involved my own education. I had the opportunity to have a say and voice my own opinion on what I believe would help better the education I and my fellow peers are receiving. Not many students have a voice in their education. Adults hold so much power and for once I felt that I had some of that power too. It made this internship worth so much more to me.