My fall internship at the Center for Powerful Public Schools was an enlightening and educating experience. As someone who has been eyeing communications in the non-profit sector, I now feel more prepared to enter the field because of this internship. Here are the biggest lessons I took from my time at the Center. 

1. Education extends beyond students and teachers. 

My scope of education had always been contained within the student perspective. Working in the Center exposed me to its non-profit side. I learned more about the programs that the Center provides, like PREP 4 SUCCESS, for example, by helping create an introductory webinar. I also got the chance to attend a conference in Pepperdine University to hear more about how educators and administrators are tackling the gaps in education today. As a first-generation college graduate, I was glad to learn more about the increasing support available to students like myself.   

2. Creativity is key. 

One of the things that drew me to communications is the creative aspect of the job, and I got to work out my creative muscles during the internship. I contributed to and wrote blog posts, learning the importance of tone in making my writing flow better. I took photos and helped put together a project that highlighted what educational equity means in the Los Angeles community. I also helped design our monthly newsletter through MailChimp to engage our many supporters. I also created a slideshow presentation showcasing the Center’s big moments to commemorate the end of the year. Even sitting down every month with the Communications team to plan out our editorial calendar challenged me to think of different content ideas that would engage our supporters and present the Center in interesting and fun ways.  

3. Organization is important too.  

My responsibilities as an intern showed me how crucial being organized is. I learned the importance of using an editorial calendar to plan and track your content. I figured out how to navigate the Center’s Microsoft Outlook to keep all my work in the same place. I also learned how to space out my tasks and give myself deadlines to make sure I meet my responsibilities. While college tested and strengthened my time management and organizational skills, I really got to put them to use during my time at the Center.