Interning at the Center this summer gave me plenty of insight on how it feels and what is expected when working at a non-profit organization. It also gave me the opportunity to sharpen the skills that are required to work on a team and establish a sense of professionalism upon walking into an office. Responsibility was a huge aspect of the internship.

As an intern, I was able to develop a work mentality. This mentality got me up early in the morning to get ready for another day of work. I was also able to become more accustomed to dressing professionally more frequently.

I was able to develop a sense of organization when interning at the Center. Arriving to work promptly required me to figure out when to leave my house to catch the bus on time. I also needed to know what buses would take me to my destination.

Task deadlines is what I would consider the most significant part of the internship. All the tasks that were given to me required a considerable amount of effort. Most of my work was on the computer but despite sitting down all day, the assignments did keep me productive and the given deadlines were fair enough to get the task done. I was never given a task that I was incapable of accomplishing, but if there was ever something I needed clarification on then all I had to do was ask.

I was able to learn more about how the Center operates in terms of online communication. The Center manages nearly all of their communication on Office 365. The entire organization was connected together on Outlook which made it fairly simple to contact each other. If I ever needed to ask any of the staff members a question or needed help with something, I could easily email them.

When working at the Center, I didn’t have to worry about not knowing who the staff members were. Right off the bat we were generously introduced to a majority of the staff members. I could feel the relationship of the staff members and how close they were to one another. They were kind and caring and this is something that stood out to me the most. The staff members were very welcoming to Jocelynn and I on our orientation.

Another thing that stood out to me when interning at the Center was being able to actually help the organization. I was personally able to write blog posts of a few of the staff members. Writing these blog posts gave me information of their background and what it took for them to make it to the position they are currently in now. It was a great opportunity to get to know them on a more personal level.

Being able to learn and practice using MailChimp (an email marketing service) is something that I found very interesting. Since the Center is a non-profit organization, MailChimp is a perfect asset to design and send out newsletters. I helped design a campaign for PREP 4 SUCCESS and this is something that I am very glad I experienced.

Building up on social media ideas for the Center was a perfect moment for student voice to be heard. As an intern, I was given the opportunity to help create original social media ideas. The other interns and I wrote down our ideas for each month of this year. We had to think outside of the box and really apply our thoughts into the given task.

Attending an event with different organizations for my first time is what I would consider an exclusive experience. With my supervisor, I attended a meeting with CLASS and SEIU Local 99 for collaboration and partnership purposes. There we were given insight on what goals SEIU wanted to achieve with our help and why we should be working together. Overall, it was a fairly good meeting and I was able to learn more about how collaboration meetings work.

I am not only appreciative of the internship opportunity, but also the experience that I acquired working at the Center. Working here taught me more than I ever expected to learn about having a job, especially in communications. Somewhere along the road I know that I will look back and remember how this experience provided so much enlightenment to me. Working at the Center gave me direct insight on how a non-profit organization operates and ultimately gave me the working experience I need to start my career after high school.