Pilot Schools

Since 2006 the Center has worked to establish and sustain Los Angeles Unified Pilot Schools. Pilot Schools have charter-like autonomy over their budget, curriculum, assessment and professional development, governance, scheduling and staffing. These autonomies allow them to operate with greater flexibility in order to meet their students’ needs.

The first two Pilot schools opened in 2007 in the Belmont Zone of Choice and have grown to 48 Pilot schools district-wide. Pilot Schools were created in Boston to be models of educational innovation and to serve as research and development sites for effective urban public schools. The Center partnered with the Boston-based Center for Collaborative Education, the Los Angeles Unified School District, Unified Teachers of Los Angeles (UTLA) and Associated Administrators of Los Angeles (ALAA).

Since their inception, the Center has led numerous workshops on how to design and implement a Pilot School as well as workshops on each of the autonomies and provided technical assistance and coaching to over 30 Pilot Schools across the district. The Center helps schools develop successful Pilot School proposals and is a district consultant on Pilot School implementation.