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Director of Communications


New Linked Learning Alliance Governance to Support Quality Linked Learning

Los Angeles, CA (February 22, 2016) – The Linked Learning Alliance has appointed Jeanne Fauci, executive director of Center for Powerful Public Schools as one of six newly selected members of its Board of Directors, Councils, and Panels to guide and support quality implementation of Linked Learning in 2016. The Linked Learning Alliance Board of Directors is comprised of education leaders, business leaders, research experts and policy makers.

“I look forward to serving on Linked Learning Alliance Board of Directors and representing our constituents – districts, schools, students and families – in Los Angeles County,” said Ms. Fauci. “The Linked Learning Alliance plays a crucial role in scaling, with fidelity, the number of districts and schools that implement this proven approach. Through Linked Learning, hundreds of students are now ready to go to college and prepared for a career. I intend to work with my fellow board members to provide this opportunity to many more of our state’s most deserving young people.”

Linked Learning is helping to address California’s need to better prepare students to graduate from high school ready for college, and with skills needed to thrive in the workplace. Linked Learning involves collaboration between high school and postsecondary educators, employers and community leaders, and is a strategy for transforming education and regional economic development.

The Linked Learning Alliance Board of Directors has adopted a plan to guide the Linked Learning field over the next five years so that more students, particularly underrepresented students, complete high school, college and be career ready; attain a career-ready postsecondary certificate or degree; and be employed in a financially sustaining and personally relevant career. To achieve this vision, the Board has committed to meet the rapidly expanding demand for Linked Learning with systems and support that incentivize, recognize, and result in quality implementation.

Ms. Fauci is among six newly appointed members to the Linked Learning Board including Noemi Donoso, senior vice president of Education Initiatives for The Wonderful Company, Paul Hirsch, principal of the STEM Academy of Hollywood, Peter Callstrom, president and CEO of the San Diego Workforce Partnership, Ramona Bishop, superintendent of Vallejo Unified School District, Liz Guillen, director of legislative and community affairs for Public Advocates and Kathy Booth, senior research associate for WestEd.


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