Established in 2012 by the Center for Powerful Public Schools, PREP 4 SUCESS is a multi-week summer bridge program dedicated to transitioning students from middle school to their prospective high schools before their 9th grade school year begins.

The program seeks to increase attendance, prevent drop outs and reduce discipline issues throughout the school year by offering 9th graders early integration into their school’s culture and access to their school’s academic expectations. The results of PREP 4 SUCCESS find 9th graders more adept at academic excellence when they feel connected to their peer communities.

Throughout the program, students are engaged through Project-Based Learning, community history, field trips and a student leader-led high school orientation. Their academic and advisory classes are co-taught by teachers and dedicated upperclassmen called Summer Bridge Leaders. Through PREP 4 SUCCESS, students develop strong cohorts with their peers while developing relationships with adults at the school as they enter this challenging new phase.