Eleventh grade students from the Huntington Park Institute of Applied Medicine (HPIAM) presented their research findings today to a group of physicians and nurses from the Huntington Park Nursing Center. The presentations focused on samples they had tested in water and soil to determine if they had harmful chemicals or toxins.  

The presentations are part of HPIAM’s Linked Learning approach where students gain real-life experience for college and career readiness. Students learned how to conduct research in a simulated laboratory setting. They learned about PH levels and testing for toxins in soil and water.  

HPIAM students present to a room of industry professionals.

After conducting their research, HPIAM students prepared a group presentation for the Huntington Park Nursing Center. The entire project took about six to eight weeks to complete giving students the experience of a rigorous academic project. For many, this was the first time they were presenting in front of professionals in the field.  

When asked about her presentation, Diana Betancourt, one of the students presenting, said, “You get more from [the professionals] than from your own research.”  

Several students agreed with Diana and valued the experience. Though they cited feeling nervous, they were thrilled to have the presentation experience under their belt. Learn more about HPIAM here.