Jeanne Fauci

Executive Director

Jeanne Fauci, Executive Director is a co-founder of the Center for Powerful Public Schools, overseeing all operations and programs. She supports the development of Pilot Schools within the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD), coaches educators on all aspects of designing and implementing small district and charter schools and works to establish the conditions within school districts for sustainable, equitable, learner-centered small schools. Additionally, Ms. Fauci leads the Center for Powerful Public Schools Linked Learning Center focused on implementing the Linked Learning Initiative at LAUSD and southern California high schools. Formerly, Ms. Fauci was the Director of Wildwood School Outreach Center where she designed, coordinated and presented professional development workshops on essential elements of high functioning 21st century schools. Ms. Fauci has presented numerous professional development workshops on school culture, advisory programs, project-based learning, and effective communication strategies. She directed, produced, and is the lead author of The Advisory Toolkit, a book and DVD on how to establish a successful secondary school advisory program. A graduate of Pratt Institute, Ms. Fauci received the 2008 Coalition of Essential Schools Transformational Leadership Award for her commitment to improve educational outcomes for under-served students in LAUSD Local District 4.