Mr. Eddison is a Principal in the Pileus Group in Austin, Texas, an unsponsored fund. As an attorney for almost 30 years, Mr. Eddison has served at the SEC, was General Counsel of small public companies, the principal business lawyer at large private companies and worked as Of Counsel at two national law firms. He was prepared for his work in educational reform by his own education in international schools in Pakistan and Bolivia. Prompted by his elder daughter’s transformational experience at Wildwood School in Los Angeles, Mr. Eddison was the founding chairman and acting Principal of Design High School, an innovative L.A. charter school. During Mr. Eddison’s tenure, he completed the Harvard Graduate School of Education program in Charter School Leadership. Mr. Eddison currently serves on the Board of Goodwill Austin. Mr. Eddison completed a JD cum laude from Georgetown University Law Center, an MA in Eastern Asian Studies from the University of Michigan and a BA cum laude from Wesleyan University.