Won Yi is the VP and Branch Manager of California Bank and Trust at their Wilshire Center branch. Formerly Mr. Yi was VP and Branch Manager at Bank of the West, Wilshire Square Branch,managing portfolios of $100 million of high-value individual & commercial accounts. A native of Korea, Mr. Yi is a graduate of Korea University in Seoul. Mr. Yi served as president of Korean America Chamber of Commerce and Director of Beautiful Foundation in San Jose, CA. Mr. Yi has been in the banking industry for over 25 years and previous worked at Citibank in San Francisco andat HSBC. Mr. Yi has also had experience in working at Union Banks. Mr. Yi is a member of the Rotary Club of Korea town and has been a Hanmi Radio commentator on the economy for the last 10years. His interest in education began when he was a teaching assistant in the Bilingual Department at Benjamin Franklin Jr. High School in San Francisco. Mr. Yi graduated from Korea University inSeoul with a BA in English Literature, minor in Education and studied at SFSU Graduate School in Bilingual Ed.