In the work of Linked Learning coaching, one of our strongest access points to a pathway is through the Lead Teacher. The role of Lead Teacher is demanding work and, as in many roles in education do, oft goes uncelebrated. As it is Teacher Appreciation Week, I would like to honor the work of John Latimer, Lead Teacher for GAIMS at Cleveland Charter High School in Reseda, California. 

It is clear that many of the initiatives pursued by the GAIMS small learning community would not have progressed if it weren’t for the tireless out-of-classroom efforts of Mr. Latimer. He is a source of encouragement for his collaborating teachers, always going to bat for the best program for their students. He is a trusted member of GAIMS, always able to intuit when his teachers are taking on too much or when they can be pushed.

John has always made me feel like a welcome addition to his SLC as a coach and it is clear that he cares deeply for his school’s culture, often going above and beyond to ensure that his teachers feel activated and appreciated. 

You can find John giving time up over summers to take students to international film workshops or greeting several delighted students in the hallway as he passes. He is a clear favorite and deserves all the appreciation a Linked Learning Coach can offer.