Powerful Communities

We believe that a close partnership between schools and their communities is essential to ensuring the success of any school and helping students reach their maximum potential.

Powerful Communities In Schools And Districts

Schools have been the center of communities since their inception.
Today, schools and districts actively seek to engage the community in many ways, through special programs, events, and learning opportunities in a mutually beneficial relationship. We support various levels of engagement in schools and districts, by providing:

  • Authentic feedback and input gathering sessions for all stakeholder groups, including teachers, district/school leaders, students, parents, and business and community partners
  • Data analysis of qualitative data gathered from stakeholders around the identified area of focus
  • Leadership and facilitation of the collaboration of all Community Based Organizations (CBOs) involved in the school/district.
  • Reporting of stakeholder feedback and input to a variety of audiences.
  • Support school/district staff to build their capacity to engage stakeholders in the educational process.

Powerful Communities as a Valued Partner

The Center for Powerful Public Schools partners with CBOs to support local education priorities. The Center makes it a point to be a valued member of each community in which we work. We join and lead in coalitions like CLASS in LA and Linked Learning Alliance Capacity Builders to join forces with other place based organizations in supporting greater outcomes for students.

Our partnership began 10 years ago. What brought us together is the shared mission between social justice and community development. We have been able to build solid relationships with schools, making schools the center of connecting with the community.

Annamarie Francois
Executive Director, UCLA Center X