Powerful Educators

At the heart of the Center for Powerful Public Schools is a group of dedicated, experienced educators who apply our passion and skills to improving schools and districts, students, and
other educators

Powerful Educators For Schools And Districts

A Powerful Educator begins with an equity lens, intentionally addressing the needs of underserved students by removing barriers to and providing access to a high level of learning.

We have identified three main categories of educator proficiency: Instruction, Classroom Climate, and Professional Disposition.

In 2017 And 2018, 400 Educators Empowered 11,500 LAUSD Students

A Powerful Educator:

  • Strategically plans culturally relevant outcome focused lessons and grading systems that ensure equitable achievement for all students.
  • Consistently sets a high standard for the learning environment that effectively leverages students’ identities, cultural backgrounds, abilities and experiences.
  • Continuously improves practice by reflection and staying abreast of latest educational research and practices. Leaders ensure each teacher has the support to do all of the above.

What the Center helps us do is add capacity and build resources in a way that’s sustainable for us by utilizing our resources to give teachers additional support. With the Center we get to provide high quality coaching for teachers, even while we’re in the middle of growing our own internal program.

Heather McManus
Chief Learning Officer
Camino Nuevo Learning Academy